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Let's get practical – now!

  1. Do any refresher course of the various EE courses available – either online or in person. 

  2. Organise a group in your congregation for EE training – online or in person.

  3. If you are part of a congregation that does, or has done EE training, please assist us in contacting all persons who did the training in the past, to mobilise them again.

  4. Become a part of our exciting Hope For Kids program. One or more person(s) can train all the children in your church. Can you imagine what the impact can be if you can introduce the Hope For Kids program to even one school?

  5. Any other way you can think of, in which we can assist you to help expand the Kingdom of God.

eeHelps Mobile App

eeHelps will help you engage the Gospel in interactive ways.

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