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You are part of the million believers trained and equipped through EE SA to share the GOSPEL.

Please assist us to expand the Kingdom of God even further!

You personally know what an impact this ministry has had on you as an individual and in church, and the impact it still has.

As part of the vision of our Chairman of the EE SA Board, we would like to ask your commitment to:


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Cascading and Saturating Prayer Initiative


Dear EE SA Family,

We want to draw your attention to something very special we need to convey to you.


Remember that you are part of a Big Family in the world through the Ministry of Evangelism Explosion International and God is doing something amazing right now through this Ministry that affects all of us directly. 


It all started when the International Board of EE commenced its planning actions for the next tri-annual Congress which will be hosted in South Korea in 2022 and attended by EE Leaders from Multiplying Nations (such as ours) from all over the World. A call was made for a Prayer Initiative to be launched which would undergird and support the entire process leading up to and through the Congress itself.


I count it a privilege to introduce you to the Prayer Initiative and the Vision God has begun to unfold of what needs to be achieved along the way.

  • I was apprehensive at first when faced with the challenge of considering leading this prayer initiative. I yielded to the call- after much prayer- to take on the role as the Congress Prayer Initiative coordinator. 

  • The theme birthed in my Spirit was Cascading and Saturating Prayer. It was as if the Holy Spirit drew an image of the framework and logistics of what needed to be done. I just knew I had to be obedient to this compelling call.

  • Every one of us who have been trained in this Ministry over the years are called to take up our positions which the Lord has intended and prepared for us by way of this amazing Ministry established some 60 years ago through His servant D James Kennedy.

  • The Goal was to impact the World through the Church by equipping believers to share the good news and to multiply as trainers, teachers and leaders in the Churches and Nations, thereby providing potential for exponential growth for the sake of the Great Commission. 

  • The preparation for the upcoming Congress could not have come at a more crucial time as we face an unprecedented situation across the world. Never has there been a greater need for the Good News of Gospel to be shared while the Church is largely in Lockdown through a worldwide pandemic. Never has the Ministry of EE with the millions of trained individuals ranging from children to adults been so significant in the potential of impacting our world by bringing a message of hope to the hopeless through the Gospel. 

  • This Prayer Initiative for the Congress is therefore vital in us calling out to God to provide wisdom, insight, and strategy in preparation therefor while at the same time preparing the hearts of every person engaged in the Ministry at every level to be ready for what God desires to do and will do through this Ministry going forward for His Glory.

As we have been praying and seeking the Lord’s face for guidance concerning this prayer initiative the following strategy has emerged:

  • We are to initiate a process to Call Up everyone we can reach who has been trained in EE over the years. The potential is multiple Millions of people all over the world, but we are to start with what we can do.

    • We will do this by engaging all the EE Churches, active and inactive, encouraging them to answer the Call and engage in the process. We will use legal means of contacting people through EE Offices and Church databases of trained individuals. Christian magazines, Radio Station announcements, Christian Television Stations, social media, word of mouth etc. will be approached to assist.

    • The Call Up will have three elements to it:

      1. You are called to Pray and ask the Lord to reveal His plan to you through the Holy Spirit. We will also provide you with prayer topics.

      2. You are called to Engage by refreshing your training through revision, on-line or face to face training or social media (downloading the EE Helps App) and being available for the Holy Spirit to direct you in bringing hope to people around you through the Good News of the Gospel

      3. You are called to Support, as the Lord leads you to make it possible for this initiative to reach its goals.


2022 Congress Prayer Initiative    

Strategy: Cascading and Saturating Prayer, layered through: 

EEI Board of Directors 

EEI Executive Team 

Continental VPs 

Continental Teams 

National Directors and Boards of National Nations

Fieldworkers and Regional Teams in Nations

Implementing Churches and EE leaders

Trainers and Trainees in the  Churches.


I believe the Lord has shown me that all who receive the Call Up will already have been prepared by the Holy Spirit.


I have been awakened in the night on two occasions over the past weeks and I felt the tangible presence of the Lord.

The first time I saw a massive cloud with bold letters emblazoned on it across the sky with the words; 



The second was the faces of a vast number of children with hands raised and praising God and then the words “Listen to the sound of the Marching feet….. Like a Mighty Army”.


I have no doubt in my mind that God is about to do a mighty thing on earth in the coming months and years and that we have been prepared for a time such as this. We need to be obedient, answer the call and start praying as we have never prayed in our lives.


May God Richly bless and equip you as you answer this Call Up and join hands with us

in this great task set before us for the sake of His Kingdom, at a time such as this.

Malcolm Thomas (Chairman of the EE SA board)

Coordinator Congress 2022 Prayer Initiative

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